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About us

[Download RPGI Poster]

'Global Innovation' is a research project of the Institute for Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). A primary aim of this project is to observe, analyze and forecast developments in the field of globalization of innovations. It also aims to provide decision-makers from selected industry sectors with useful instruments while deciding on whether or not to internationalize their innovation / R&D activities and to which locations.

Research Issues

Our research is focussed on finding answers to following issues:

  1. What is the role of 'outsourcing' and/or 'offshoring' in the R&D strategy of firms today. Special attention is hereby paid to the needs of two groups of firms: a) German firms, and b) Small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
  2. What are the advantages and possible risks of internationalization of innovation activities, particularly of R&D? Which are the factors that are critical to success?
  3. Which are the most attractive R&D locations for particular branches? What are the reasons for their attractiveness?
  4. Could firms be at a disadvantage if they choose not to internationalize their innovation activities, especially R&D?
  5. What are the lessons that SMEs can learn from the success/failure of international innovation / R&D activities of multinational firms?

Research Focus

The research project seeks to answer these questions by collecting empricial evidence to come to a conclusion. The research work is focussed on following industry sectors:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotives and Automotive Components Industries
  • Aerospace (Civil Aviation and Space Research)

Even though not exclusively focussed on a single region, the research project pays special attention to emerging R&D locations such as China and India.

[Download RPGI Poster]

Get to know TIM/TUHH:

Bi-annual research report 2013/14 (in German, PDF, approx. 1.9 MB)
Bi-annual research report 2011/12
(in German, PDF, approx. 5.4 MB)
Bi-annual research report 2009/10
(in German, PDF, approx. 2.5 MB)
Bi-annual research report 2007/08
(in German, PDF, approx. 1.5 MB)

Bi-annual research report 2005/06 (in German, PDF, approx. 2.5 MB)

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