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International R&D News

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At this page you will find links to news items, appearing in the media, and related to the issue of globalization of innovations. To see news items in German language media please click on "Switch to German".

For latest news and reports see our blog

  • 25.03.2010: "Establishment of Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) in India": The Union Cabinet today approved the establishment of Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) in India with matching contribution as per Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) approval of 2 million Euro (approximately Rs.13 crore at current exchange rates) per year for next five years. The Centre would be registered as a “Society” under the relevant Act. The Indo-German Science and Technology Centre shall play a proactive role in facilitating participation of industry in joint R&D projects; provide/assist in mobilizing resources to carry out industrial R&D projects. The Centre shall facilitate and promote Indo-German bilateral collaborations in basic and applied science, research and technology through substantive interaction among Government, academia and industry. The Centre shall also encourage public private partnerships (PPP) to foster elements of innovation and application and cultivate a culture of cooperation between science and industry.. [...]" [PDF, 38 KB]

  • 30.04.2007: "Bogeyman Babu": The Times of India in a wise editorial calls India's government (and its red tape) to reason: "Some 150 of America's Fortune 500 firms have already outsourced R&D to India, and more foreign companies are coming. But trust babus to play spoiler. A think tank chaired by the government's principal scientific advisor has called for cracking the whip on foreign R&D enterprises, citing unspecified security threats. [...]"

  • 12.01.2007: "Lenovo opens an innovation center in India": Lenovo, which was formed as a result of the acquisition of the IBM Personal Computing Division by the China-based Lenovo Group, "has announced the launch of its first innovation centre in India. The centre is based in Mumbai and is spread across 4,500 square feet. This is Lenovo’s third innovation centre, the first two are in the United States and China respectively. Intel, Microsoft, LANDesk, IBM and Cisco will partner with Lenovo at the India Innovation Center to showcase new enterprise level PC solutions in areas such as hardware platform and application integration, active management technology, network connectivity and power management. The center will deploy globally developed solutions to specific customer requirements in India and also be capable of developing solutions when required by customers here. [...]" [Press report in Express Computer] [Press release by the Lenovo Group]

  • 04.01.2007: "India zooms past China in car exports": According to The Economic Times, India has overtaken China in automobile exports. The paper cites an expert of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as saying: “An overwhelming majority of India’s vehicle exports comprise small cars and motorcycles. In both these markets, India is the second largest player, has excellent quality, competitive costs and enough scale. And in both these markets, India’s cost per unit is very competitive. [...]"

  • 03.01.2007: DaimlerChrysler R&D Unit in Bangalore Completes 10 years: According to The Economic Times "the company's R&D unit in Bangalore, DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology Center has completed 10 years in India".

  • 15.10.2006: Foreign companies prefer India for R&D: According to a report in The Hindustan Times "the interest of foreign companies in Indian researchers has seen an exponential rise since 1999 since India implemented a new TRIPS-consistent IPR Regime, according to Dr Damodaran. Companies Like Texas Instruments Incorporated of US obtained 40 patents, Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft of Germany obtained 30 and General Electrical Company of US obtained 26 patents after 1991 as compared to single digit figure prior to 1999. “Some of the companies had only a small set-up before 1995. The result points high degree of R&D and innovation activity of MNCs in India in the current period,” said Sujit Chatterjee of NISTAD, in the study" [...].

  • 22.05.2006: "India is well-positioned to ride innovation wave": "The global dialogue on innovation is gaining traction even in India with IBM Corporation spearheading the move to try and push for a National Innovation Initiative on the lines of the one being pursued by the US government. 'We have presented the idea to the Indian government two months ago, and expect to get the mandate to co-ordinate the Indian innovation effort by the end of this year,' IBM Corporation Executive Vice-President (Innovation and Technology) Nicholas M. Donofrio tells Prerna K Mishra" of The Hindustan Times.

  • 10.05.2006: R&D Offshoring: Is it Working?: "Companies are increasingly moving projects to India and China, but they haven't fully integrated or exploited this brainpower potential", says Business Week.

For latest news and reports see our blog