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Current Projects

[ For any enquiries, please see contact ]

Under the auspices of the overall Research Programme Global Innovation we currently focus on the following major research areas:

Our research in these areas is generally based on several studies constantly underway at our institute, often in cooperation with partners from the industry, academia and/or government agencies. Currently following studies are running/planned at our institute which are conceptualized in a way so that they often contain elements of more than one research area mentioned above.

  • Factors affecting Frugal Innovation in Developed Countries (Timo Weyrauch)

  • User innovations in an emerging country in the area of flood resilience (Daniel Kruse)

  • Untersuchung der (technologischen) Innovationspfade in der Automobilbranche (Rajnish Tiwari with Florian Redl)

  • Frugal Innovations in the Japanese Context: Opportunities & Challenges of Affordable Excellence (Rajnish Tiwari in cooperation with Masaharu Tsujimoto of Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  • Affordable excellence in the United States: Examining the scope for frugal Innovations (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • German consumers' penchant for frugal solution: A meta-level examination based on longitudinal data (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • A cross-country analysis of socio-cultural context factors for acceptance of frugal solutions (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • Intercultural competences and the role of culture in professional interaction: Examples from Japan (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • How relevant is the Hofstede model in today's global world? An assessment based on a survey of students of intercultural management and communication (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • In German Potenziale, Herausforderungen und gesellschaftliche Relevanz frugaler Innovationen im Kontext des globalen Innovationswettbewerbs (ein BMBF/ITA-gefördertes Projekt in Kooperation mit Fraunhofer-MOEZ) (Rajnish Tiwari with Katharina Kalogerakis at TUHH)

  • Indian Investments in Germany: Human Resources as Success Factor or Impediment (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • Early Identification of Emerging Lead Markets: An Examination of Selected Automobile Markets in Developing Economies (Rajnish Tiwari)

  • Frugal innovation in healthcare: A study based on patent analysis (Rajnish Tiwari with Mithun Kumar Jayavarthanavelu)

  • Role of frugal approaches in space programs: What lessons can we learn from India's Mangalyaan? (Rajnish Tiwari with Jakob Scheitza)

  • Innovation strategy of leading German auto parts suppliers in India: What do patent data tell us? (Rajnish Tiwari with Aravind Chinchure and Sebastian Cremer)

  • Role and need for frugaity and frugal solutions in India's healthcare market (Rajnish Tiwari with Asif Ismail Ansar Ali)

  • Frugal financial solutions? Analyzing the need, scope and policies in India for financial inclusion (Rajnish Tiwari with Ashish Pattanayak)

  • Kenya vs. India? Analyzing the lead market potential for mobile payment solutions (Kai Potters in cooperation with Cees van Beers, Bert Enserink, Bauke Steenhuisen from TU Delft; and with Rajnish Tiwari)

A list of completed projects and study results (if published) can be found here.

Our research is not exclusively focussed on a single region, the research project pays special attention to emerging R&D locations such as India and China as well as to Germany and the European Union (EU).

[ For any enquiries, please see contact ]