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Aditi Ramdorai

Sarah Praceus

Project, Disruptive innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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Aditi Ramdorai completed her Ph.D. at TIM/TUHH and has since left this institute to pursue her career at McKinsey & Company. The information below has been correspondingly adjusted. It does not however get regularly updated. (Webmaster, 22.11.2015)

A link to her book, co-authored with Cornelius Herstatt, can be found here:

Frugal Innovation in Healthcare: How Targeting Low-Income Markets Leads to Disruptive Innovation


Aditi Ramdorai was a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management at the Hamburg University of Technology. She pursued her research interest in inclusive development through market-based solutions. Her focus was on product and service innovations that create affordable and accessible healthcare for the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BOP) markets.

Aditi grew up in Mumbai and came to Germany for her studies. Aditi completed her studies at Hamburg University of Technology with a Masters Degree in Information and Communication Systems and MBA in Technology Management along with research stints in China and Japan. After graduation, Aditi joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant, focusing on strategy and marketing projects in the high-tech and telecommunication sectors. Her projects took her to North Africa, Middle East, India, USA and several countries in Europe.